About thsconline

About this Website
  • Launched in late 2014, a non-profit site, for bona-fide purposes of study and research and educational purposes. All items are up are in good faith.
  • This site is used by many students and teachers to assist learning, and to prepare well for Year 11 & Year 12 studies
  • This site used to be hosted on Google Drive. You can see what it used to look like here, and also what it looked like in 2017 here
Contributing to this Website
If you have found this website useful, please contribute some files by uploading or emailing (click the Upload File link). Upload files to Google Drive and share the link is the easiest way.

thsconline v12.0 Updates/Changes [Hide ×]

No updates/changes. Download File functionality is currently disabled due to a bug in the backend.